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Yaquina City in the  State of OregonWelcome to more than one Yaquina! There is much to the native American name: Yaquina River, Yaquina Bay, the historically interesting Yaquina City, Yaquina Head Lighthouse and the nearby, 3-years younger, Yaquina Bay Light. In addition, there is a bridge and an Oregon State recreational park named Yaquina.

Yaquina City, Oregon, once a boom town with dreams of rivaling San Francisco, is now an area of unincorporated land located on the east side of Yaquina Bay, at the mouth of the 50 mile long Yaquina River. It is reached by driving 3 miles east along Bay Road from Newport. (historic photo)

A downtown fire, a too-shallow harbor and abandonment by the railroad lead to this area's demise.

For an historic look at early Yaquina City, visit the Salem Library website. You may also want to read about the Steamboats of Yaquina Bay and the Yaquina River.

Yaquina City in the  State of Oregon

There are two lighthouses in the Newport area:

Yaquina Head Lighthouse, is Oregon's tallest lighthouse. Recently renovated, it is located just north of Newport, at Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area. A former rock quarry, the small bay within the Natural Area has been rebuilt as a series of fascinating tide pools. The area is rich in wildlife and wildflowers. Above the lighthouse are walking trails that afford spectacular views up and down the coastline. A visitor's fee of $5 is charged at the entrance. Friends of Oregon Lighthouses provides colorful descriptions and photos.

Yaquina Bay Lighthouse is a simple, beautifully restored structure located south of the towering Yaquina Head. Although its operation only lasted 3 years, the light was re-activated in 1996 and is an enjoyable stop at the north end of the Yaquina Bay Bridge. The house boasts a large collection of period furniture. Read the Friends of Oregon information on this lighthouse.

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